"Distill (verb): extract the essential or most important aspects of."

Distill Media is a video production company in the interior of British Columbia dedicated to the “essentials of visual storytelling”: isolating and expressing the core messages of businesses and organizations through video. We provide industry-leading products with high return on investment.

What we can help you achieve

Corporate | Documentary | Live Event Streaming | Freelance News

The Distill Difference
  • Customer needs come first
  • Quality is paramount
  • Consistency, not compromise
  • Prepared, punctual, and professional
Our Specialties
  • Story-driven editing
  • High-quality footage
  • Proven track record
  • Clear communication
  • Customer support
Notable Awards
  • 2011 Dave Rogers Award from the Association of Electronic Journalists, ‘Haiti, the Long Road Back’
  • 2009 Dave Rogers Award from the Association of Electronic Journalists, ‘Dreamlift Day’
Past Clients
  • Kelowna International Airport
  • Interior Health
  • CTV
  • City of Kelowna

Our Owner/Operator: Curtis Allen

How your story is told is the main factor in determining the success or failure of your video. You’re about to make an investment in visual storytelling, so choosing the right person to tell that story is absolutely critical.

Curtis is an award-winning cinematographer and editor in the Okanagan Valley. He works closely with his clients to produce incredible videos that have the maximum impact on viewers and yield a high return on investment. Curtis spent nearly 10 years in the broadcast television world and is recognized for his work reporting, filming and editing daily news stories for stations like CTV Vancouver and CJFC-TV in Kamloops.


Video Production Company in Kelowna
Video Production Company in Kelowna

Our Process is Tailored to Your Specific Needs

We are dedicated to making sure the production process is a smooth and fun one for our clients.

We can help you come up with a concept and storyboard, or bring the one you already have to reality. We can accommodate the biggest visions to the simplest concepts with the same quality and professionalism we are known for. But we don’t want to just create  amazing videos that get posted on YouTube and then forgotten about. We can work with you to plan how best to utilize the final product, making sure it works for you and reaches as many potential clients as possible.

  • We conduct one-on-one script-writing sessions where we help you create a script or storyboard that conveys the right message and contains effective calls to action.
  • We take the time to plan each scene to make sure that when we move to filming, the images captured are compelling and properly convey the message you want to present.
  • In post-production, we use high-quality, royalty-free soundtracks that match the feel of the video and stir up an emotional response from the view.

We have the tools to get the job done.

On a large number of our productions we hear a variation of the same phrase. ‘Whoa, you folks have so much stuff. I had no idea!’

And our response is always the same. We’re here to make your film look and sound it’s absolute best and are committed to bringing the right equipment to make that happen.

From 4K cinematic masterpieces to more simple mini-movies designed for social media, we’ve got you covered. 

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These days the majority of content on social media is video, a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. If you want your film to stand out amongst the noise, we are here to help. What are you waiting for?


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