KXI Wildertec

A comprehensive video series on the forward-thinking creation of a revolutionary wilderness accessibility vehicle.

“What kind of creativity and diligence is required to build the best wilderness access vehicle?”

As the team at KXI Wildertec designs, builds and tests their updated wilderness access vehicle with utmost care and forward-thinking, award winning storyteller/videographer Curtis Allen of Distill Media is prepared to document the journey, and to highlight the innovative approach that will come to define this vehicle. This is a subject that we believe will be both inspirational and compelling to a viewer–we would like to put the whole process in the public spotlight with a visually-powerful, narrative-driven docu-series. 

The Project

We’re looking to create a three phase visual storytelling campaign to coincide with the different stages of the creation and launch of this vehicle.

The vision of this build is ambitious: a high performance vehicle that is the gold standard of safety, efficiency and eco sensitivity. In addition to ‘as-it-happens’ video content from meetings, building and test driving, the short films we produce will feature interviews from members of the build team, complimentary footage/photos (both created and pre-existing), animations, cinematic drone footage and time-lapses. Our goal is to distill the subject down to clear, captivating stories that audiences will be excited to follow along with. 

Let’s show the public what a project of this magnitude entails.

Distill Media

Curtis Allen

Background: Filmmaker, Journalist, Owner of Distill Media

Role: Director of Photography/Editor

With 10+ years experience in video journalism (CBC’s The National, CTV Vancouver, CFJC-TV) in mainstream media as a camera operator, editor, and reporter, Curtis has incomparable experience telling stories that audiences can meaningfully engage with.

Allen, along with his team at Distill Media, has produced documentaries in Haiti, Ethiopia, and Mexico–and in 2018, he was chosen to tell the story of Round Lake Treatment Centre in documentary form; a comprehensive, TV-ready story that has aired over 50 times on BC television.

Curtis is also the recipient of two awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association, recognizing him for his documentary work in Haiti, as well as a piece he co-produced in Disneyland.

Blackmagic cameras Kelowna
video production company van Kelowna


Distill Media has become very efficient at creating effective visuals with a small footprint. Unlike other companies who pride themselves in having big teams of multiple full-time employees (and therefore big budgets), we believe that we can achieve more for our client’s budgets by being strategic about what resources we use on any given shoot.

The secret to our success is that we scale our team based on the needs of each shoot day. The sole videographer for our company is our owner/operator Curtis, but we work with the top creative subcontractors in the Okanagan–from sound technicians, additional videographers, lighting directors and more if the needs of a particular shoot require them and budget allows. By scaling the resources we put into each shoot day, we can maximize your budget and capture more content for less money than our competition.

Some shoot days may require a team of multiple camera operators and a sound technician, other shoots can be accomplished by a single person doing multiple jobs. It’s all about having the right vision, gear and experience to be effective at what we do and make sure your budget stretches the furthest without sacrificing quality.

Based on years of production experience, we’ve merged the design of a fast-pace news van with top level digital cinema equipment thanks to our Nissan NV200 cargo van (which can park anywhere). Two pre-loaded rolling equipment carts mean that we have every piece of equipment we could possibly need at our disposal at all times. When we leave our Kelowna office, we won’t have forgotten any piece of gear: it will all be in our video van.
Our crew is also regularly practicing COVID-19 safety protocols. Over the course of the last two years, we have ceased work with video production contractors who choose to treat mask-wearing flippantly or decline to get vaccinated for COVID-19. The safety and peace of mind for our clients is paramount, so we have made adjustments to how we offer our services to ensure a clean, appropriate filming environment. If you would like a copy of our vaccination policy, we are happy to provide it to you.

One story, three phases

Phase 1

In Phase 1, we will track the design and build process while highlighting the team making it happen. This will involve spending at least one day a week on site at KXI Wildertec documenting meetings, design changes and launch strategy in real-time as it happens.

While our goal will be to be ‘a fly on the wall’ as much as possible, when needed (if appropriate) we will step in to make sure we get the content we need to tell the story effectively.

This phase will likely require 1 camera operator and multiple cameras plus a boom mic operator to ensure we see and hear everything happening in this fluid environment.

In addition to video captured in the meeting, we will lean on animations of CAD designs to clearly convey concepts of the design to the audience.

Phase 1 will culminate with the commissioning ceremony to be held in April 2022.

Using the elements captured in the initial months of this project, we would create one full length and multiple short videos filled with the goal of introducing audiences to the Wilderness Access Vehicle and clearly showing the features it will have. Audiences watching the video will be left wanting more, and therefore more inclined to follow future videos about the project.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is where we can really get creative! As the team at KXI Wildertec test the prototype in real world applications, the videos we create for you will clearly demonstrate the three main selling points of this vehicle: It’s safer, more efficient and more ecologically than any other vehicle on the market.

This phase will allow us to capture dynamic videos from creative angles using a wide variety of our gear including drones, gopros, vehicle mounts, camera cranes, cable cameras (a zipline for cameras), and more. But it’s not just fun and games, each shot needs to be planned out in advance so that they best demonstrate the features of the vehicle that we are wanting to highlight. It’s not enough to just have beautiful shots, they have to add to the overall story.

Using the elements captured in the this phase, we will create one full length and multiple short videos that show how amazing this vehicle is and clearly outline how safe, efficient and eco-sensitive it is.

Phase 3

In Phase 3 we will combine the stories told in Phase 1 & 2 into one long-form documentary style video telling a cohesive story from start to finish.

We will also create several additional shorter videos to use on social media promoting the vehicle and it’s features. These videos will serve to get more eyes on your website and also point audiences to the full video.

Budget Projection

Our budget costs can be broken down into the following categories: pre-production, production, editing, and delivery. Make use of the tabs above to see more detail of each category.

We are seeking an estimated budget of $59,442.60 (including GST) to fund these films. If selected, we will work with you to go over our budget and make sure it fits your needs. You will retain ownership of all footage and interviews gathered in the creation of the documentary. This means that you can use the footage we capture however you want in the future, including using it to promote your endeavors online (as well as on social and traditional media).

Phase 1: $23,952
7 filming days (one shoot day per week from February 1 until late March).
Curtis Allen and all gear: $1,236/day. $8,652
Sound Operator: $500/day. $3,500
Animator: $5000 (estimated)
Phase 1 Editing (8 days): $6,800

Phase 2: $25,010
Estimated 10 shoot days
Curtis Allen & Gear: $1,236/day. $12,360
Sound Technician (5 days only) $2,500
Second Camera Operator (5 days): $2500
Additional Gear Rental: $850
Editing (8 days): $6,800

Phase 3:
Editing (9 days). $7,650

An itemized estimate showing the breakdown of can be provided upon request.


If it can’t be done right, it’s not worth doing. Our reputation for precise and unparalleled visual storytelling is not unearned: we want to include the public in this exciting project. We are in a unique position to tell that story.

Let’s work together.

Curtis Allen

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